(full-length manuscripts – Dutch into English):

"How to be a rat,” Joep Schrijvers (example)
"The Monday Morning Feeling,” Joep Schrijvers
"Can Do!” Ben Tiggerlaar
"That’s just the way I am,” Willem van der Does
"In the depths of the soul there is nothing to see,” Jeffrey Wijnberg
"Escape from S-Catraz,” Peter Robertson (example)
"Megatrends Europe,” Ajdiejd Bakas
"The Anti-Assertiveness Book,” Jeffrey Wijnberg (example)
"Over Holland,” a photo book, with translations of Dutch poetry
"The Dutch Tongue,” by Ben v.d. Have (example)
A collection of short stories by Martin Bril
"Portrait of an Artist," Willem Sandberg (example)
Holland from Above – app with aerial photographs of Holland
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