Published author:

"Doing Business in the Knowledge Based Economy” (Financial Times - 1998);
"Investing in Responsibility” (Financial Times - 1999);

"De Darwin Kring” (with Marc v.d. Erve, Scriptum 1999).

"The Seven Deadly Sins of Management” (with René Tissen) has been published in Germany, France, Finland, the UK, Japan, and the Netherlands (

"The Inhuman Touch” appeared in 2004 (in Holland under the title: "Zaken zijn Zaken”).

"Killing the Golden Goose,” a detailed study of Mikhail Khordorkovsky, YUKOS Oil Company and the attack it has suffered from the Kremlin; publication in May 2013.

Currently working on a new book with the provisional title: "Exceptional Dutch Talent.”
Working exclusively in English,
for companies requiring quality
international communications.